Standing Committees

Taxation Section members can Join a Standing Committee.

For more information about individual committees, see Committees or contact the Chairs. 

Compensation and Benefits

Chair: Alison Fay, Irvine
Chair-Elect: Yana Johnson, San Francisco
Secretary: Brian Holmen, Los Angeles
Education Chair: Wendy Tauriainen, Folsom

Corporate and Pass-Through Entities   

Chair: Stephen J. Turanchik, Los Angeles
First Vice-Chair: Gregory A. Zbylut, Pasadena
Second Vice-Chair: Laura Buckley, San Diego
Education Chair: Rachel Devenow, Los Angeles
Member at Large: Jason J. Choi, Los Angeles

Estate and Gift Tax

Chair: Janet Z. Chediak, Sacramento
Treasurer: Jason R. Schingler, Solana Beach
Education Chair: Alison Merino, San Jose
Publications Chair: Stephanie Hood, San Francisco
Advisor: Donna Herbert, Thousand Oaks
Advisor: Kyle Martin, Oakland

Income and Other Taxes

Chair: Jordan Lui, Mather
First Vice Chair: Jared Werner, San Diego
Second Vice Chair: Shane Hofeling, Rancho Cordova
Education Chair: Lisa O. Nelson, Santa Ana

International Tax

Co-Chair: J.P. Harbour, San Francisco
Co-Chair: Eric Swenson, San Diego

State and Local Tax

Chair: Christopher Campbell, Los Angeles
Vice-Chair: Michael Lebeau, Los Angeles
Secretary: Scott Ewing, Sacramento
Education Chair: Jacklyn Appleby, Sacramento

Tax-Exempt Organizations

Co-Chair: Courtney Gardner, San Francisco
Co-Chair: Matt Clausen, San Francisco
Vice-Chair: Cecily Jackson-Zapata, Los Angeles
Secretary: Jorge Lopez, San Francisco

Tax Policy, Practice and Legislation

Chair: Annette Nellen, San Jose
Vice-Chair: Sanford Millar, Los Angeles

Tax Procedure and Litigation

Chair: Joe Wilson, Newport Beach
Chair Elect: Courtney Hopley, San Francisco
Secretary: Carolyn Lee, San Francisco

Young Tax Lawyers

Chair: Michael P. Varela, San Jose
Chair Elect: Laura Buckley, San Diego
First Vice-Chair: Shellie Hughes, Sacramento
Second Vice-Chair: Kevan McLaughlin, San Diego
Publications Chair: Carolyn Lee, San Francisco
Education Chair: Rachel L. Devenow, Los Angeles


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